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Baroque Art Gilders Paste

New Baroque Art Gilders Paste
The above samples that I applied on filigrees and bezel plates
You can apply 2 layers for more thicker look, apply 2nd layer after the 1st layer is dry, I use finger and sponge.
Wax-based Medium
Highlight Metal, Wood, Ceramics, Gourds And More With Beautiful Colors!
  • Apply Gilders Paste with finger, sponge, toothbrush, paintbrush or cloth in a rubbing motion or use other creative mediums to produce a unique finish.
  • Layer on top of one another or mix to create different finishes or an endless color palette.
  • Drying time varies depending on substrate and surface preparation, approximately 60 minutes to the touch on dry debris free surfaces and 12 hours for complete cure time. If polishing or burnishing is required allow 12 hours drying time.
  • There are varying opinions if you need to seal the Gilders Paste (after it has fully dried for 12 hours). If you want a more lustrous shine, then use a satin or glossy sealant.
  • Polishing the metallic Gilders Pastes with a soft cloth will produce a gilded finish substituting gold, silver, bronze leaf; nonmetallic pastes will be shiny. If left unpolished the finish will be semi gloss or matte depending on the color.
  • WARNING: Contains FLAMMABLE solvent. Allow at least 24 hours drying time if using on candles. Waiting at least 24 hours will allow the solvent to dissipate and no longer be a ignition source.
  • each container contains 1.5oz (27 ml), able to cover over 30 square feet.


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